It’s the little things that can make your trip easier and less stressful

Passports need to have 6 months’ validity after your return to South Africa and must have 2 blank pages before leaving South Africa.

All children under 18 MUST have an Unabridged Birth Certificate (showing the particulars of both parents) in order to leave and enter South Africa.
More information can be found on the Department of Home Affairs website :
or by phoning them on 0 800 60 11 90

Before booking your trip or paying for your ticket, please make sure that you have sufficient time to apply for any relevant visas.
Many countries require at least 15 – 30 working days to process visas, so it is very important to make sure you have time to get yours before your intended travel date.
Most countries require you to apply in person for your visa. Therefore, travel agents can no longer apply on your behalf.
There are specialist visa companies who can assist you where necessary.

Some countries have special health requirements. It is important to check what these are before your trip. The regulations change from time to time so it is advisable to get up to date information for the country you are travelling to.

NEVER travel without it.
If you have bought your air ticket with your credit card it is most likely you will qualify for your banks travel insurance. This is very limited so it is advisable to take a “top up “option or purchase a full travel insurance policy, which is what we recommend as it covers so much more.
We can help you with this.

See this link for the most updated information regarding passports, unabridged birth certificates etc.


1. Always take travel insurance. No matter where you are travelling to it is Important to remember that credit card top up and medical aid insurance is often not enough if something goes wrong. It is a grudge purchase however you will be very happy to have it if anything goes wrong.

2. Photocopy your main passport page and visas and keep them separate to your documents.

3. Email yourself your passport copy, visas and other travel documents or keep them in the “cloud”.

4. Always advise your bank when you are leaving the country. They need to know the dates and the countries you will be visiting so they can recognise if there is fraudulent use of your credit card.

5. Keep your boarding passes so you can check your miles have been accrued on your frequent flyer membership account.

6. Try and take some cash (in small denominations) of the country you are going to. This way you will be prepared if you need something for tipping or a taxi or similar.

7. Always pack extra underwear and your toothbrush in your hand luggage in case your checked luggage goes missing.

8. Put your room number and hotel address on your phone so if you get lost it will be easier to get someone to help you find where you are staying.

9. Check the weather of your destination before you start packing. This can be very helpful so you don’t take unnecessary items with you. Look at -

10. Each airline has different baggage allowances. It is important to check the details before packing.

11. Having over weight luggage can be very costly. Airlines have become very strict about sticking to the allowances so weigh your bags prior to leaving for the airport. If you think you will have more than your weight allowance, it is usually cheaper to pre-purchase an extra piece on line before you get to the airport. The airlines charge you more at the check in counter


  1. You unpack just once
  2. Your resort moves from place to place with you
  3. You don’t have to run around looking for taxis to get you to different places
  4. Your cruise fare includes accommodation, meals, entertainment, complimentary activities for the whole family and more!
  5. Visit different destinations without wasting time and money travelling
  6. Freedom to do what you want to do, when you want to do it
  7. Relax on board in between visiting different places instead of rushing around
  8. Safe and secure environment