Marbella is in the Spanish region of Andalucia on the Costa del Sol. It's a gem on the Spanish coastline providing both old world charm in terms of its architecture, but also providing a glitzy and vibrant nightlife.

The first thing that struck me was how much it looked & felt like Durban. It was winter when I was there and it reminded me of Durban winters. It was warm and sunny and very tropical and beautiful. The vegetation was exactly like home with all the same plants everywhere that I have in my own garden. There was hibiscus, bougainvillea’s, geraniums and the like all over the place. Very pretty indeed.

I stayed in a hotel on the beach front. There is a wide walkway between the hotel and the actual beach. The walkway runs all along the beachfront and past hotels and beautiful homes. This is where people walk, run, ride bikes etc. There are even exercise gym machines along the pathway so one can do a workout on the way along the path!

I visited on of the Costa del Sols hottest night clubs called Olivia Valere. From the outside, it looks like a fortress and we crossed a little bridge and past huge bouncers to get inside. Once inside, it feels like scenes from Arabian Nights with its open-air courtyards, fountains and lots of little nooks and cranny with different places to sit and socialise. There are also 2 discos with different genres of music to dance the night away.

Mijas is nearby and worth a visit. It is a very beautiful, mountainous, quaint, "white town". It is up on a mountain and has very pretty, narrow streets and all the buildings are painted white. The taxis are donkeys! I did a wine tasting in a cellar up one of the little narrow streets. Quite an experience!

I visited Puerto Banus one night and was totally awe struck by the harbour lit up at night. There were rows and rows of HUGE yachts. Some bigger than most people’s houses! They were spectacular. There were loads or restaurants all around and very upmarket shops. I am told this is where the rich and famous hang out and I can see why. I enjoyed it so much I went back for a quick visit the next day just to make sure I had seen everything properly!

I also visited "Old Marbella". It was very beautiful with very narrow streets and very old, quaint buildings. There were very pretty doors and windows everywhere with flowers on the windowsills and creepers climbing the walls. Also, lots of lovely shops to look inside.

Marbella is a great place to visit and I would definitely recommend it as a fun, beach holiday destination.

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